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Precision Defensive & Tactical Shooting School, located outside Colorado Springs, is not your average firearms training. We’re serious about your confidence, your ability and your safety in real life situations. We teach you what you need to know from real combat experience.

This is the real deal.

We offer high quality instruction from very experienced, former military personnel who are NRA-certified instructors. Our focus in key areas include: mindset, tactics, safety and weapons. Unlike some training, PDTSS offers you structured concepts from the beginning, in a complete package. Your training is thorough and designed with care so you feel confident you’ve received the best weapons training in Southern Colorado.

Conceal Carry

Basic NRA

Level I

Level II

Corporate Security

Counter Assault

Law Enforcement
& Military Tactical

Custom Courses
Our Training Includes:

“It takes a rare person to inspire confidence and develop competence in a 66 year old women who had never fired the semi-automatic she brought to the Level 1 PDTSS class. Ed Rodriguez, Lead Instructor, is just such an individual. Through clear directions, individual coaching, and positive feedback, Ed was able to vastly increase my basic knowledge and skill level. What sets Level 1 class apart from tradition point-and-shoot concealed carry classes are the various simulations Ed has designed and implemented as the practical application component. Ed Rodriguez keeps it real and makes it fun.

The results are empowering.”

Shirley Trees, 2011